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The GCLS welcomes nominations that represent and promote quality women-loving-women and sapphic literature.

Please review all the Awards Guidelines and the 2023 Awards Changes before submitting nominations to ensure Eligibility. All nominations must be submitted via the appropriate online Nomination Forms.

Review the Nomination Deadlines to ensure that you submit your nominations within the appropriate timeline.

There are four (4) steps to submitting a nomination for the judged categories  (Genre awards, Ann Bannon, and Debut Novel):

  1. Complete the online Nomination Form. Note: Incomplete, incorrect, or late nominations will not be accepted.
  2. Submit payment for the total number of nominations according to the timeline on the Nomination Deadlines page. Note: Each nomination costs $40.00 per physical book and $35.00 per eBook. Adding Debut Novel and/or Ann Bannon consideration to a Fiction Novel category is $20.00 each. Adding Tee Corinne consideration to any category is $20.00. You can submit payment for all nominations when you complete the nomination forms.
  3. You must submit the book or audiobook to be judged:
    1. For ebook nominations, you must upload three (3) formats for each book - .epub, .pdf, and .mobi (or .prc) during the nomination process.
    2. If you are submitting physical books, you must send FIVE (5) copies of each book nominated, which must be received by the Awards Administrators no later than the dates listed on the Nomination Deadlines page.
    3. For Audiobook nominations, you must provide the name of the audiobook publisher. Otherwise, you must upload either .mp3 or .mp4 files of the entire audiobook. We will contact the respective publishers to receive the files if published by Tantor Media or Audible Studios.
  4. Upload a high-resolution .jpg or .png file of the nominated book's cover when you complete the nomination forms. (If you do not have an image file, your cover designer should have one at an appropriate resolution.)


NOTE: All four components of a nomination MUST be complete and received by the Awards Administrators no later than the dates listed on the Nomination Deadlines page. Detailed information is posted on the pages found in the Awards Guidelines. This information will be of interest to everyone wishing to submit nominations.

Please send ALL questions to the Awards Administrators at awards@goldencrown.org.

We appreciate your nominations and look forward to an exciting awards season, culminating in our 19th Annual Awards Ceremony on July 1, 2023, in Denver, CO.


Awards Administrators
Golden Crown Literary Society


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