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Results FAQS

Q: How, in general terms, are nominations judged?
A: Each category will have at least 3-5 judges who will evaluate each book based on criteria set out in a comprehensive evaluation form.
Criteria include opening, premise, plot, characters, writing, setting, and reader impact.

Q: How are finalists and winners determined?
A: At the end of the judging process, judges' scores are tallied. Finalists and winners are determined based on the scores. As of the 2018 awards cycle, the 25%-10% rule will be used:

- 25% of eligible nominations in a category will be finalists
- 10%
of eligible nominations in a category will be winners

Q: Who picks the winners of the specialty awards?
A: Current Trailblazers vote on the Trailblazer and Lee Lynch Classic awards, and the GCLS Board of Directors determines the Directors' Award.

Q: When are finalists announced?
A: Finalists will be posted on the GCLS website in May 2024 as the Awards Administrators finalize the scores.

Q: When are winners announced?
A: We will announce the winners during the Awards Ceremony at the GCLS Annual Conference. For this award year, the conference location will be determined at a later date.

Q: Why aren't there any winners in my category?
A: If fewer than 6 books are nominated in one category, the category will be consolidated with another category to the extent possible; or eliminated for the current awards year.

Q: Who judged my book?
A: There is strict confidentiality within the judging process. It is prohibited for judges to discuss their involvement as a judge and reveal judges' names in any category. The names of judges will be listed in alphabetical order at the end of the Awards Ceremony.

Q: I have a complaint about the judging process.
A: The judges’ decisions are final. Neither the Awards Administrators nor the Board will entertain objections or challenges concerning the judging process.

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