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Audiobook Narrator Award FAQS

Q: What are the submission deadlines for the Audiobook Narrator Awards?
A: Submission deadlines for audiobooks are the same as they are for genre categories. Please note: The publication date refers to the release date of the audiobook, not the release date of the source material.

Q: My book originally published years ago, but the audiobook was just recorded and released this year. Can I enter it in this awards cycle?
A: Yes! Because this is an award for the audiobook narrator’s performance, any new performance of a title is eligible for an award.

Q: I am the author of a WLW book that is nominated for the Audiobook Narrator Award. If it wins, do I get the award?
A: No, the narrator will receive the award. This award is for the narrator’s performance, not for the book being performed. You can still win genre categories, Debut Novel (if eligible), and Ann Bannon Popular Choice, but this award is for the narrator.

Q: I recorded the audiobook for my own book. Am I eligible to win the Audiobook Narrator Award?
A: Absolutely! An author who narrates their own book is eligible.

Q: What files do I need to nominate a book?
A: If your book is available in the US marketplace of Audible, you do not need to provide any audio files. Audible can provide these books to our judging account. (Pro tip: the easiest way to determine this is to go to Audible.com or the Audible app and search for the name of your book. This is also a great way to find the exact publication date of your audiobook!)

If your book is not available on Audible, you will need to provide a single .mp3 or .mp4 file of the entire book (not a separate file for each chapter). If the file size is larger than 5GB, please contact the Awards Administrators for special instructions.

All nominations also require a high-resolution image of the book cover. This can be an image of the audiobook cover or the eBook cover.

Q: Is there a genre restriction for the Audiobook Narrator Award?
A: No! Any genre—fiction, nonfiction, memoir, poetry, etc.—is eligible as long as it includes significant themes, characters, situations, or other content about women or sapphically aligned nonbinary people who are romantically and/or sexually attracted to women or sapphically aligned nonbinary people.

Q: Is there a length restriction for the Audiobook Narrator Award?
A: The source material for all entries must have a minimum of 40,000 words.

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