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The online Awards Management/Judging system provided by OpenWater is used for the nomination process.

Here are some reminders about the system:

  • You will be able to clone or copy nominations - you'll just have to change the book/author information.  All of your contact information will remain.  This will significantly reduce the amount of time it will take to submit multiple nominations.

  • You won't need to calculate your nomination fees.  The program will calculate this for you and provide you with an invoice.  You'll be able to pay immediately via Credit Card or PayPal Express Checkout...or send a check for your payment. (Please see the Nomination Deadlines page.)

  • Notifications will be sent to the nominator, the author, and the publisher once a nomination has been submitted and finalized.

  • You will upload your eBooks and cover photos at the time of nomination.

Please read the following carefully:

  • There are four steps to submitting a nomination (All of these steps must be completed according to
    the appropriate deadlines before a nomination is submitted for judging):
    1. Complete the appropriate online Nomination Form. Note: Incomplete, incorrect or late
      nominations will not be accepted.
    2. Submit payment for the total number of nominations according to the deadline timetable.
      Note: The cost of each nomination is $35.00 per physical book and $30.00 per eBook. You can submit one payment for all nominations at the time you complete the nomination forms. The cost to nominate in the Ann Bannon and Tee Corinne categories is $15 per nomination.
    3. For eBooks nominations you must upload three formats for each book — .epub, .pdf, and
      .mobi/.prc during the nomination process. If submitting physical books you must send FIVE copies (per category, if applicable) of each book being nominated per category, which must be received by the Awards Administrator no later than the dates in the deadline timetable.

      Send physical books to:
      Tiffany Shamaly
      26080 Jawaher Place
      VA 20105
    4. Upload a high resolution .jpg file of the nominated book’s cover at the time you complete
      the nomination forms.
  • A book may be submitted in only one genre category, except:
    • Any debut author’s first NOVEL may be submitted in both the Debut Novel category and the genre category to which the book belongs (e.g. Debut and Historical Fiction)
    • Any eligible book may be submitted for the Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award
    • The cover for any eligible book may be submitted for the Tee Corinne Award for Outstanding Cover Art
  • Payment of the Award Nomination Administrative Fee is made online using a credit card or Paypal. Payment may also be made by check (preferred if over $100). Make checks payable to Golden Crown Literary Society and write the invoice number you’ll receive in the memo field on your check. Send your check to:

Golden Crown Literary Society
PO Box 720154
Dallas, TX 75372

  • If you need to arrange another method of payment, please contact: Awards@goldencrown.org

  • It is the Nominator's responsibility to ensure the nomination is within the Awards Guidelines. If a nomination is withdrawn due to ineligibility, or for any other reason as determined by the Awards Administrators, the Award Nomination Administrative Fee will not be refunded.

  • In the situation where more than one entity nominates the same book, the administrative fee will not be returned or prorated, but will be retained by the GCLS and allocated toward defraying administrative costs.



When submitting nominations, you will be required to provide your own contact information in addition to the following:

  1. Title of the book (as it appears on the book)

  2. Author's full name (as it appears on the book)

  3. Publication date (mm/dd/yyyy or mm/yyyy)

  4. Wordcount (if it is a novel)

  5. Author's email address

  6. Author's mailing address

  7. Name of Publisher

  8. Publisher's email address

  9. Publisher's mailing address

  10. If submitting eBooks, you'll need 3 versions - .epub, .mobi/.prc, .pdf.  (These must be DRM-free so that all judges in a category can access them.  We suggest watermarking the eBooks with "Review Copy" or something similar.) - Books not required for Ann Bannon and Tee Corinne.

  11. A high-resolution .jpg/.jpeg file of the Cover Image.

  12. For Tee Corinne - Cover Artist's full name (as it appears in the book)

  13. For Tee Corinne - Cover Artist's email address

  14. For Tee Corinne - A high-resolution .jpg/.jpeg file of the full cover image (including front, back, and spine).

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