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2019 Golden Crown Literary Awards

Nomination for the 2019 GCLS Literary Awards (also known as The Goldies) is OPEN. Please read ALL of these guidelines carefully prior to submitting nominations. Download the Nominations Quick Guide [pdf]  for reference.

Should a question arise that is not addressed in these guidelines, the GCLS Awards Administrators are appointed by the Board of Directors as the only people able to make a final ruling on an issue that arises during the awards process. Any such rulings made after the nomination period opens will become addendums to these guidelines and be published as such on the GCLS web site.


  • The online book nomination process opens on August 1, 2018 and will take a tiered submission approach. See the Nominations Deadlines page for all nomination, submission, and payment deadlines.
  • A full listing of all nominations will be posted to the GCLS website by the first week of February 2019.
  • A "short list" of finalists will be announced no later than the first week in May 2019.
  • Winners will be announced and their awards presented at the Golden Crown Literary Society's 15th Anual Awards Ceremony July 13th, 2018 in Pittsburg, PA. The list of winners will be available on the website within 24 hours.


Click here to nominate a book

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