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The GCLS began accepting eBooks for the 2014 GOLDIES - and we received quite a number of ebook submissions. Over 95% of the nominations received for the 2022 Goldies were in ebook format. We highly recommend submitting ebooks rather than physical books:

  1. The cost for nominating an ebook (this year) is $35; the cost for nominating a physical book is $40.

  2. Uploading the three required eBook files (.epub, .mobi, .pdf) is free. Shipping physical books to the Awards Administrator will cost a good deal. Plus, you have to purchase five (5) copies of the book to send. Thus, by submitting ebook nominations, you save significant costs over sending physical books for each nomination.

  3. Physical books need to be mailed to judges - some of whom are based outside the US. This is very costly for the GCLS. By submitting eBook nominations, you help save the GCLS a great deal in postage fees, thereby helping us avoid annual increases in the nomination fees.

  4. Judges have immediate access to ebooks and have more time to read and evaluate books.

However, if you do not have ebooks available to you, you can still send in physical books.  Please adhere to all deadlines and guidelines. 

Please remember, this is an "either/or" situation - you either submit ebooks or submit physical books.  You do not have to submit both.

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