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The GCLS began accepting eBooks for the 2014 GOLDIES - and we received quite a number of ebook submissions. Over 95% of the nominations received for the 2022 Goldies were in ebook format. We highly recommend submitting ebooks rather than physical books:

  Ebook Physcial book
Cost for Nomination $35 $50
Upload Requirements .epub, .mobi, .pdf .pdf
Judges Access Timeline Immediate access However long it takes for the book to get through the mail system


Physical books need to be mailed to judges - some of whom are based outside the US. This is very costly for the GCLS. By submitting eBook nominations, you help save the GCLS a great deal in postage fees, thereby helping us avoid annual increases in the nomination fees.

Previously, Nominators for Physical Books, would be required to send 5 copies to the Awards Administrators. Starting this year, the nomination fee was increased to cover the cost of the Awards Administrators purchasing and sending books to the judges. Nominators are no longer required to send books to the Awards Administrators.

However, if you do not have ebooks available to you, you can nominate physical books.  Please adhere to all deadlines and guidelines. 

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