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The finalists for the 2024 Tee Corinne Award for Outstanding Cover Design are in the gallery below. 


This award sets a professional bar for the look of our books by offering an award for best or "favorite" cover design; provides recognition for cover designs that create a beautiful representation of the story; and provides recognition for artistic work that contributes to the promotion of a quality product in our marketplace. Cover design goes beyond the art and includes the typography and layout of the printed words as well as how the visual elements are arranged.

Finalists Voting


The second round of voting is open February 21, at 8am PST, through March 6, 2024 by 4pm PST. 


  • View the images in the gallery below.
  • Click the link below the gallery to access your ballot.
  • You will need to enter your name and email address to vote.
    • This information is used to ensure one vote per person. 
    • Administrators cannot see the ballots attached to email addresses. So we won't know how you vote. 
  • Mark your top 5 choices on the ballot (1st through 5th).
  • Submit your ballot.

You may only vote once. Duplicate ballots will be removed. 

If you have questions, submit them to Awards@goldencrown.org BEFORE submitting your ballot. 



Viewing the Gallery


To let the slideshow run, click the Play button. The first slide change will take a few seconds longer than the others.


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